Out of Time - 1966 and the End of Old-fashioned Britain

In a memoir of England’s World Cup year, Peter Chapman writes of the time when Britain, football and everything changed. (Wisden/Bloomsbury, 2016)

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The Last of the Imperious Rich, Lehman Brothers 1844-2008

The story of a truly important US company and what happens when leaders lose sight of their mission in their quest for something too good to be true. (Portfolio/Penguin New York, 2010)

Bananas - How the United Fruit Company Shaped The World

A tale of corporate skullduggery among wars, massacres and coups in the “banana republics” of Central and South America. (Canongate, 2007; published in the UK as Jungle Capitalists)

The Goalkeeper’s History of Britain

Britain viewed through a lifetime’s devotion to the goalkeeper, that most British of positions. (Fourth Estate, 1999)