The Goalkeeper’s History of Britain

Fourth Estate, 1999

The Goalkeeper’s History of Britain charts Peter Chapman’s personal crusade from playground goalkeeper in his mother’s gloves to his apotheosis in 1986 in Mexico City - in goal for a Brazil XI led by Rivelino that had forgotten to bring a keeper. Along the way, Chapman is inspired by the examples of Trautmann and Gregg, Banks, Bonetti and Jennings, goalkeepers who embody the spirit of their age.

‘Witty and acutely observed’ – Daily Mail

‘More than football … woven together with skill and style’ – Independent

‘Well written, charming, funny’ – Sunday Times

‘There are times when words are worth a thousand pictures … invigorating history, but the football too is excellent’ – Glasgow Herald

‘It has kind of a JG Ballard feel of post-war awakening and decline. Great book.’ – When Saturday Comes